Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rayban and the Tent Hangar

 I recently received a commission to produce some artwork for Rayban, for an upcoming rock concert in Cape Town. The artwork was to be printed onto door hangars, similar to the "do not disturb" signs one finds in hotels, which were going to be hung onto camper's tents at the concert.
The brief was to incorporate a given image (hand pulling the "rock on" sign and holding a pair of Raybans) into an illustrative setting, in keeping with the trendy/electro vibe of the concert. The second set of illustrations was really an idea I wanted to try out, basically a crowd of heads with rockin' hair, wearing the product, of course. The project unfortunately got scuttled (sigh... ) before it got to the print production stage, but below are the final images that I designed for the event.

My personal favourite is the pinkish hand :) 

crowd of hands
 this was perhaps closest to Rayban's own styling



the crowd of faces... all wearing raybans