Monday, October 18, 2010

Pulse Artwork Part 1

Recently I received a commission to design the logo for King's Cross Training's youth group, Pulse. King's Cross is a Christian college located in Rustenberg, SA.
What we were attempting with this image, was to personify aspects of Christ's character in a relevant, contemporary way, rather than make a portrait of Him, per se. 
There is somewhat of a backlash in Christian circles around how Christ is typically portrayed: blonde, weak-looking, a bit hippyish. As Mark Driscoll often points out, it's no wonder so few men want to be Christians when there God looks like that. So this was our attempt to change that...

The course of action was to depict Christ as a  a wrestler, with the core scripture of the Pulse group written on His arm... During this time, the name of the youth group also changed from "72" to "Pulse".
My initial scamps focused quite strongly on Jesus basically beating down the Devil.


The client reverted with with the idea that they wanted the image to convey that Jesus holds the believer's heart in His hands... this was my solution... and frankly, with hindsight, I'm glad we didn't go with it! -->a bit too "burning human sacrifice" for what Pulse was trying to get at.

So another revert... and the heart with chopped off veins is converted into a "Valentine's"  heart--much better idea for conveying emotion, rather than the idea of a physical organ!

 I want to add some more pics here, but it seems Blogger has fallen down in it's inimitably crappy style... so I'll have to save them for another post.

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