Monday, October 18, 2010

Pulse Artwork Part 2

Right... Part 2
So I reverted with some pencils... here is the inked version below...
I've added a championship belt to drape over His shoulder--I actually spent quite a lot of time on it's design--it says "King of Kings" and has angels holding the earth, and lots of stars. Unfortunately you can't see it... sigh. 
Besides "King of Kings" I've added various references to the other names of Christ throughout the image. The subsidiary buckles have the greek capital letters for alpha and omega on them, surrounded by a compass rose, and the tattoos on Christ's forearms are the Greek words and , "faithful" and "true".

The heart is burning--which is a direct reference to catholic iconography, but obviously the meaning is different here (read Part1 ). The client was quite happy with the conflation of iconography, so we went with it.

Inks and layers
 The coloured version is below...
With the colouring and titling, I heavily referenced Mexican Lucha Libre iconography. 
This is something that I should have mentioned earlier, the image has a deliberate Lucha Libre slant---> this is the Mexican form of WWE. The wrestlers often wear colourful masks and often incorporate religious symbolism into their costumes, such as crosses, etc. which worked well for the subject matter here.
Pulse: finished artwork

The final step, below,  was to add a texture I photographed from a wooden wagon wheel in Turkey.

Pulse: my fave... but not the one used by the client

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  1. Mr. Petrik. You are like talented. And stuff. :D