Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here is a very short stop motion film I was involved in the making of in 2009: "Squidboard."
It was created as part of a course run at the Cape Film Commission, and was basically an introduction to stop-motion film-making.

The Squidboard team consisted of:
Masha du Toit
Jacqueline van Meygaarden
Marko Petrik
Hilette Stapelberg
Yazeed Kamaldien

This 30 second animation was created using only paper cutouts for puppets. The process involved each paper element being moved incrementally and then photographed. All the photos, some 800 of them, were then stitched together into a film running at around 12 frames per second. Filming time for the 30 second animated sequence took a day to set up, and another full day was spent filming--a record by industry standards! Sound and titles were added post-production.

A special thanks goes to all friends, family, and significant others involved in the hard work on the project. Without you this project would not have been possible!

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